Wooden CrateA wooden crate is generally used to contain valuable, fragile or unique items. The term crate is defined by the fact that the sheathing can be removed leaving the frame structure standing. There are various crate designs available. The so called ‘closed crate’ is normally fully enclosed with plywood or lumber board. The ‘open crate’ always uses lumber for sheathing which is gapped at various distances.

Wooden crates are used for packaging but they can also provide a useful and attractive décor item in your home. If you’ve obtained a fruit crate from your local supermarket why not use it to keep children’s toys tidy, or muddy outdoor shoes. Provided it doesn’t have any rough surfaces it can be a useful storage place for lots of items.

In the garden a wooden crate can be filled with topsoil and bedding plants or even small growing vegetables will thrive in it. Painted a pleasing colour it can add brightness to a dark corner. With a little imagination a wooden crate can be used to display items in a  shop window, create bookshelves or wall mounted storage.

wooden crateA wooden dog crate can provide a secure and comfortable den for your dog. By choosing the right size for your dog and providing adequate ventilation, your dog will have his own place in the home that will last a lifetime. Wooden crates can be bought readymade or constructed to your specific specifications. They are versatile and can be used for transporting customer’s orders, carrying pets, or for display and storage purposes.

They can be particularly useful if you grow your own fruit, as fruit lasts longer in wooden containers. A small wooden crate for displaying home grown produce at a Farmer’s Market can usually be bought for very little but can be an attractive addition to your stall.

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